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Disease and Prevention

More than a million adults in Michigan have chronic kidney disease. . . and most of them don’t even know it.  64% kidney failure in the US is caused by diabetes or hypertension. With early detection we can prevent or slow its progression.  Let the NKFM help.

Kidney Disease

37 million Americans over the age of 20 have chronic kidney disease, also known as CKD.

Kidney Disease

Get your question answered about kidney disease.

Kidney Disease Disparities

Learn how kidney disease affects different populations.

Kidney Disease Fact Sheet

Learn the latest statistics on kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease Infographic

Check out the CKD Infographic for the latest information.

Medical Information

From kidney stones to organ transplantation, the NKFM is here to help.

Kidney Stones

Signs, symptoms, and treatment of kidney stones.

Kidney Cancer

Information on kidney cancer and diagnoses.

Organ Donation

Find out more on organ donation and transplantation.

Dialysis Icon


Learn about different types of dialysis and find support.

Angie Ellis
Meet Angie Ellis

Fourteen years ago, Inkster resident Angie Ellis was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Angie had been prediabetic for years and lost a brother to diabetes. Following her diagnosis, Angie experienced mood swings, changes in appetite, and weight fluctuation. “I was really upset,” she explains. “It took me awhile to adjust and I’m still adjusting.”


Staying Healthy

Keep yourself, and your kidneys, healthy.
Click the cards below to learn more about a specific topic.

Physical Activity

Learn how physical activity can keep you healthy and find a program that might help.


Learn nutrition tips and find a NKFM program that helps with making healthy choices.


Covid-19 can have a direct impact on the health of your kidneys. Find out more and learn how the vaccine can help.

Flu & Flu Vaccine

Learn about the flue vaccine and best practices for preventing the flu.

Kidney Disease Prevention and Risk Factors

Find out if you’re at risk – and what you can do about it. Click the cards below to learn more about a specific topic.


Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease.

High Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can often lead to kidney disease.


Learn about how being overweight affects your kidneys.

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Smoking can negatively affect your kidneys over time.

Do you have questions about kidney disease and would like to talk to someone?

We can help. Call the NKFM at 800-482-1455 or email patientservices@nkfm.org. If you're looking for support from someone who is going through kidney disease too, read more on the Peer Mentoring Program or contact your social worker and ask to be connected to a Peer Mentor.

Woman receiving support by phone.