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Publications and presentation are one avenue through which the NKFM has contributed to research and our community. In the past few years we’ve published or presented on: the Diabetes Prevention Program, Regie’s Rainbow Adventure, Kidney PATH, organ donation studies (Take the Pledge, Gift for All, and Leave a Legacy of Life), and PATH program fidelity which include 1 book (available on Amazon!), plus many articles in academic publications and conference presentations.

Presenter wearing a head scarf

Kidney Disease/ Dialysis

  • Book Chapter
    Lachance, L., Shopinski, S., Tejada, T., Jenkins, H., & Quinn, M. (2023). Equitable Change in Community Built Environments for Family Health: REACH River Rouge Project. In (pp. 129-160). Springer Nature Switzerland.Conference Presentation
    Shopinski S. “REACH for the Stars.” 2023 Social Determinants of Health Summit, 24-26 January 2023, Conference Presentation.
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Organ & Tissue Donation

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Women's Health

Peer Mentoring

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Kids' Programs

  • Shedd, M.K., Holoweski, H., Distler, M., & Neumaier, M. (2023). Everything in good season: Growing farm to early care and education. Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems. http://foodsystems.msu.edu/everything-in-good-season 
  • National Kidney Foundation of Michigan. (2017). Regie’s Rainbow Adventure®: National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s nutrition education program for disease prevention in the early childcare setting. Canton, MI: Front Edge Publishing, LLC.

Diabetes Prevention Program

2020 Presentations

2019 Presentations

  • Real World Implementation of the National Diabetes Prevention Program – Presented at the ADA’s 65th Advanced Post Graduate Course, San Francisco, CA; February 9 – 11 by Arlene Guindon.
  • A Pilot Study of a Low-Carbohydrate Diabetes Prevention Program Among Individuals with Prediabetes, Society for Behavioral Medicine 2019 Annual Meeting: “Leading the Narrative”, Washington D.C., 2019 presented by Griauzde DH, Ansara T, Patterson KJ, Bihn P, Shopinski S, Richardson C, Saslow L
  • A Low- Carbohydrate Diabetes Prevention Program for Adults with Prediabetes: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study, selected for poster presentation at Society of General Internal Medicine’s 2019 annual meeting, Washington D.C., 2019 presented by Griauzde DH, Ansari T, Patterson KJ, Bihn P, Shopinski S, Richardson C, Saslow LR

2018 Presentations

  • Moving Evidence to Action to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes – Presented at the 2018 Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Public Grand Rounds by Arlene Guindon (NKFM) and Ann Albright (CDC)
  • Program Fidelity: It is not as scary as you think! presented at the National Council on Aging – Center for Healthy Aging 2018 Annual Conference on May 22, 2018 by Jodi Burke, MSW and Karen McCloskey.

2017 Presentations

  • A Superhero in the Making: Steps to Creating Nutrition Superheroes presented at the United Way for Southeast Michigan and Wayne State University- Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute Childhood Summit on September 19, 2017 by Crystal D’Agostino, MSW and Sarah Wesolek-Greenson, MPH.
  • Wrote the Book: Telling Our Stories in New Ways presented at the Social Innovation Fund Grantee Convening on August 2, 2017 by Shaun Taft, LMSW of United Way for Southeastern Michigan, Crystal D’Agostino, MSW of National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, and Lindsey Miller, MSW of United Way for Southeastern Michigan.
  • Loughery C, Zhang N, Campbell T, Resnicow K, Andrews A. Attitudes about Organ Donation among Participants in Evidence-Based Programs. Poster Presentation presented at National Kidney Foundation 2017 Spring Clinical Meetings; April 18 – 22, 2017, 2017; Orlando, FL.
  • Loughery C, Smith AH, Burke J, Campbell T, Andrews A. Leveraging Opportunity – Using evidence-based programs to build awareness and make a lasting health impact. Poster Presentation presented at Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference; March 27-31, 2017 2017; Colorado Springs, CO.