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The volunteer Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of medical and public health professionals who advise and guide the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan in medical, programmatic and scientific matters. This includes guidance related to chronic kidney disease and its precursors, and the NKFM’s programs and services. Members assist in connecting the NKFM to health systems, communities, and corporate and government entities to prevent kidney disease and improve the lives of those living with it. The SAB meets at least four times during each fiscal year.

Heather Henderson, DO, FACP

Immediate Past Chair
Khaled M. Ismail, M.D.

Members at Large

Faris K Ahmad, M.D., M.B.A.
Benjamin Collins-Hamel, DO
Chantale Daifi, PharmD
Melissa J. Gregory, M.D.
Dina Hafez Griauzde, MD, MSc
Gregory D. Krol, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Lalathaksha Kumbar, MD FASDIN
Kavita Luthra, MD
Saima Mansuri, M.D.
Yahya M. Osman, M.D.
Rachel Perlman, M.D.
Gary Roth, D.O.
Rajiv Saran, M.D.
Sandeep Soman, M.D.
Randall S. Sung, M.D.
Valeria Valbuena, MD, MSc