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Our Work

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM) works to shape public policy on behalf of kidney disease patients and those at risk, those with diabetes and high blood pressure, the leading causes of kidney failure. It is our goal to assess and support proposed state and federal policies that will help us to move toward a healthier Michigan and prevent chronic kidney disease when possible.

Advocacy Focus

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s main focus is maintaining the state funding for programs to prevent or manage diabetes high blood pressure and kidney disease. These programs are critical to improving quality of life for those living with kidney disease and those at risk. We work to maintain this funding and educate lawmakers about its importance.

As advocates for the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, we also keep track of policies related to access to medications, medical treatment for diabetes and kidney patients, policies that promote healthy and safe communities, and policies that increase organ donation in Michigan.

Advocates on Capitol Hill


The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s national office, NKF, offers a number of volunteer advocacy opportunities on their website. Click here to view all that they offer: https://www.kidney.org/advocacy

Resources for Advocacy

Download the 2021-2022 Legislative Handout. This document is a two-part tool to help educate and inform state legislators about obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease in Michigan. It both informs about the challenge of these three epidemics and calls legislators to take action to promote solutions for a healthier Michigan. This document also highlights the successes of state-funded programs for preventing obesity, diabetes and kidney disease.

Visit votesmart.org  to learn who represents you in Congress (federal government in Washington D.C.) or in the Michigan Legislature (state government in Lansing).


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