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The volunteer Board of Directors of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan is responsible for management and oversight of the business and affairs of the organization in accordance with the Bylaws. This includes management of the foundation assets (funds, intellectual property, trademarks, and support equipment) and allocation of foundation resources to projects.

Mark Wilson, Esq., Dickinson Wright, Health Care Practice Group Chair. Mark has worked as a health care attorney for 30 years and has been an exceptional leader of the NKFM in a variety of capacities for 9 years.  During that time, he has provided crucial consultation to and support of all aspects of the NKFM operation as it builds upon a strong foundation and stature as one of America’s top nonprofit organizations. I am proud to work with one of America’s best non-profit organizations. “The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan and its plethora of people oriented programs, is innovative, inclusive, and a leader in the effort to end kidney disease. I am most proud that NKFM continues to annually receive the coveted 4 star Charity Navigator rating which puts us in the top 1% of non-profits in the country.”

President and CEO
Linda Smith-Wheelock Linda has worked at the NKFM for 30 years, initially in patient services, and then later as the Chief Operation Officer. She became the President and CEO in 2018, has training in social work and business, and believes in servant leadership and the power of teams.  “We have amazing programs and services to help people to reach their goals.  The NKFM’s ability to sow the seeds for people with and at risk of CKD to live their healthiest and happiest lives means everything to me.”

Vice Chair
Bill Kolb, Global Chairman, McCann Worldgroup. Bill has worked steadfastly on behalf of the NKFM over the past 7 years, providing much needed support for our programs in significant ways. His inspirational leadership and counsel has been key to the present and future sustainability of the NKFM.  Bill is serving as a co-chair of the Healthy Futures Initiative, the largest fundraising campaign in NKFM’s history. “I became involved with the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan after meeting their dedicated and passionate staff. I stay involved because of the amazing people I have met who struggle with kidney disease, not just physically, but emotionally and financially. They inspire me to give more and to do more.”

Silas Norman, MD, MPH, Professor of Internal Medicine, Nephrology, University of Michigan. Silas has volunteered at the NKFM for 20 years. His dedication and commitment to patient care is unparalleled. He is a past Scientific Advisory Board Chair and has assisted the NKFM in grant leadership roles several times. His knowledge and wisdom has been critical to kidney disease awareness, program development and in providing education to health care systems and providers of care. “I have seen personally how patients have significantly benefited from the programs and services of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan. I am honored to be a part of this exceptional organization.”

Andrew Boschma*, CFO, MKM Ventures, LLC. Andy has tirelessly supported the NKFM for over 25 years. He is a kidney donor and passionately supports all of the NKFM’s work to prevent kidney disease and help those with it. He is a foundational volunteer. He was Chair of the NKFM Board from 2012 to 2016 and is the current Chair of the Finance Committee, ensuring excellence in every way. “I believe in the mission of the NKFM, and am proud to support the important work that we accomplish. As the Finance Chair I am well aware of the consistently excellent financial performance of this organization.”

Immediate Past Chair
David Shepherd*, President & CEO, Community Care Services of Henry Ford Health (HFH). Prior to this position, David was the Vice President of Greenfield Health Systems for 33 years, which provides dialysis to patients in the region. David has volunteered for the NKFM for over 30 years. He has worked in dialysis for many years and is strongly committed to helping patients with chronic kidney disease.  “The reason I am so passionate about the NKFM is that I have seen first-hand how their programs and services helps patients. This is a phenomenally well-run and fiscally sound organization.”

Members at Large

Leslie Ahmad, Strategic Enterprise Leader, Johnson and Johnson MedTech. Leslie brings inspirational leadership with over 20 years in the healthcare industry spanning consumer products, medical devices, and digital health solutions. Her contributions to the Board focus on strategic thinking, industry wide collaboration, and passionate patient focus. Her support of the NKFM extends beyond service on the Board of Directors, as she actively works as a co-chair of the Healthy Futures Initiative, the largest fundraising campaign in NKFM’s history. “The NKFM takes a disciplined approach to its work. I am impressed by the commitment to community-focused initiatives that provide impactful health outcomes. The organization is incredibly loyal and stays actively engaged with all citizens impacted by chronic kidney disease across the state.”

Charles Bloom, DO, FACOEP, Chief Medical Officer, SVP, Health Alliance Plan. Dr. Bloom has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field, with multiple leadership roles in emergency medicine. As an executive leader of a fully integrated health insurance organization, Dr. Bloom has expertise in managed care, population health, and works to support patients affected by Social Determinants of Health. “As a physician and health care industry leader, I am impressed with the NKFM’s commitment to preventing chronic kidney disease in all ways possible.”

CEO Emeritus
Daniel M. Carney, President & CEO Emeritus, NKFM. Dan is a teacher by training and chose to use his skills in education and fundraising to build and expand innovative programming at the NKFM. He was the President and CEO for 30 years. Under Dan’s leadership, the NKFM grew by 800% in budget size with a corresponding increase in people served through the NKFM’s important and often innovative programs and services. “The NKFM continues to support people with kidney disease and to help countless others prevent it. It is an honor for me to support the life changing work of the NKFM.”

Jeff Chandler, President of VTC Insurance Group.  Jeff has provided leadership to NKFM’s Kidney Ball for 7 years. Jeff has recently joined the Board of Directors, bringing both professional expertise and life experience in support of the Board’s responsibilities. He is passionate about serving those with kidney disease. His mom had kidney cancer and his wife is a living kidney donor. Jeff is currently the Chair of the Risk Management Board Subcommittee. “My personal experience with kidney disease makes this organization’s mission meaningful to me and I am pleased to provide time, expertise and resources in support of furthering this critical vision.”

Heather Henderson*, DO FACP, Program Director of the Nephrology Fellowship at Ascension St. John Detroit, Michigan and practices clinical nephrology with St. Clair Nephrology. She is currently a clinical instructor for Central Michigan University School of Medicine, St. George’s University School of Medicine and Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Since 2018 she has been a part of the National Kidney Foundation Michigan Chapter’s Scientific Advisory Board and is currently the chair. “My greatest passion is to provide excellent care to my patients. NKFM is major contributor to kidney disease prevention and awareness, which directly benefits the patient population I serve.  I am fortunate to be a part of their crusade to prevent kidney disease.”

Kal Ismail, MD, Chief of Nephrology Ascension Macomb/Oakland, assistant, professor of medicine at Michigan State University College of osteopathic medicine, nephrology program Director at Ascension Macomb/ Oakland, Medical Director, Fresenius medical services. Dr. Ismail is the Immediate Past Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board and brings an abundance of professional and scientific experience to the NKFM. “As a Nephrologist, I see first-hand the importance of the NKFM programs, their advocacy, and their legislative efforts on behalf of patients. The volunteer and staff commitment and dedication to this cause is inspirational.”

Honorary Member
John C. Magee, MD, University of Michigan Jeremiah and Claire Turcotte Professor of Transplantation Surgery and Surgical Director of Pediatric Abdominal Transplantation. Dr. Magee has volunteered his time and talents to the NKFM for over 25 years, all while being a leading pediatric transplant surgeon. He has brought his knowledge and passion for quality patient care, community service and science together, taking the NKFM to the next level. “I believe in the NKFM’s ability to make a difference in patients’ lives. Volunteering for the NKFM over the last 25 years has been a rewarding and meaningful experience.”

Betty Paret, RN, Regional Vice President of Operations – Michigan, Fresenius Kidney Care. Betty is a Registered Nurse with an MBA in Healthcare Management, and has extensive clinical, regulatory and operational experience in chronic and acute dialysis services. “Working in the dialysis healthcare setting on a daily basis, the NKFM’s programs are central to my passion of helping patients to have the highest quality of life possible.”

Robert Provenzano, MD, Partner Renal Care Innovations Holding LLC,  Chief Executive Officer INNOCURA Nephrology. Dr. Provenzano has been a leader of the NKFM’s Board for over 30 years. During that time, he has served as Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board and Chair of the Board of Directors. He has provided ongoing consultation in medical, professional, and business matters.  He is currently co-chair of the Healthy Futures Initiative, the largest fundraising campaign the NKFM has embarked upon in NKFM’s history. “The NKFM has significant partnerships all around the state with hospitals, companies, communities, and academic centers. These partnerships help make it possible for them to truly transform kidney care. I am excited to be a part of this organization that saves lives and makes a tremendous difference for Michigan families.”

Dennis Smith, Dennis H. Smith Consulting, LLC, former CEO of Upper Peninsula Health Plan and related companies. Dennis believes health industry programs will involve more community-based care in the future and thinks the focus will be on population health management. This is in keeping with how the NKFM is working with health systems, including hospitals, insurers and physician groups. He has received major recognition during his career, including winning the Joy Wheeler Leadership Award in 2015, chosen by Medicaid Health Plans of America and its sister organization, the Institute for Medicaid Innovation, for innovative best practices that have improved the health of Medicaid enrollees. “I am thrilled to participate with the NKFM because it is a well-run, effective organization working to improve the quality of health for all Michigan residents.”

Tanya Smith*, Community Relations Coordinator, Gift of Life MOTTEP. During her first year of employment, she was able to add more than 1,000 donors to the Michigan Organ and Tissue donor registry. She is the project leader for several programs, including the Kountz Callender Drew Transplant Symposium, and most recently launched a partnership with some of the state’s municipal clerks. She educates the community with passion and grace, always dispelling the common myths about organ donation.

Loren Venegas, President, Ideal Contracting, LLC and The Ideal Group. Loren has been a volunteer for the NKFM for 5 years working on the Kidney Ball, and has been a Co-Chair of the annual event for the past 2 years. His daughter has kidney failure and he is specifically interested in working with the Hispanic community to help prevent kidney disease.  “As a parent of a child with kidney disease, I am passionate about helping the NKFM to further its mission.”

*= Ex-Officio