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Taylor resident Mike Deradourian was looking to reclaim the balance he once had while teaching ballroom dancing. He wanted to start some type of “gym” program and started with the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s “A Matter of Balance” (MOB) in-person class at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Taylor. Preferring the in-person to the virtual class since he is not fond of computers, Mike says he learned a lot and is ready to go again.

Mike is in his early 90s and lives alone. He has fallen at home several times, once falling in one room and crawling into another room before he could get up. After his most recent fall, he went by ambulance to the hospital. He spent a week there and then 2 months going to physical therapy.

He felt he needed to develop more strength in his legs and work on his balance. He noticed improvement in the class. “I used to get tired when I walked and start wobbling. Now I can walk better and wobble less,” Mike states. He will be taking future MOB classes. For more information on MOB, visit here.