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December 8, 2022 — The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM) and Zaman International in Inkster have collaborated over the past six months to update the colorful outfit for Regie, the star of Regie’s Rainbow Adventure®. Regie’s Rainbow Adventure is a health-based curriculum developed by the NKFM to help kids eat healthier and be more physically active. To freshen up the costume, the NKFM formed a partnership with Zaman’s Workforce Development program that provides students with apprenticeships and employment opportunities in sewing and culinary arts. The students created a new Regie costume and unveiled it at a Regie Reveal Party on Monday, November 21 at Zaman’s Hope for Humanity Center.Zaman students with Regie in new costume

“Redesigning Regie’s costume gave our students the opportunity to show off their creativity and sewing skills as they work toward their own entrepreneurial venture or career,” said Gigi Salka, chief workforce officer at Zaman. “Zaman was proud to partner with the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan to help promote healthy eating and lifestyles to children, which is aligned with our mission.”

Regie’s Rainbow Adventure is specifically designed for teachers to implement in the classroom with activities that reinforce oral health, physical health, nutrition and more. Students follow Regie to different islands based on the colors of the rainbow. He meets new fruit and vegetable friends and earns his power stripes by eating healthy and being physically active. Although most of the time Regie is speaking to children in school, Regie also appears at grown up events, such as health fairs.

“It was such a privilege to partner with Zaman and share this journey of bringing Regie to life,” states NKFM program specialist Shaun Taft, who often plays Regie in public and was behind the initial push for Regie’s new outfit. “Zaman’s students connected to the excitement about this project and created Regie’s costume with love.”

For more information about Regie, visit regierainbow.org.

Regie in new costume, posing in front of Eat Healthy poster