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After completing a Diabetes PATH (DPATH) class, a participant was able to reverse his prediabetes. David Schultz, 40, and his mom Rosemarie took the NKFM Diabetes PATH class together; now David is no longer prediabetic. At a doctor’s visit in December 2021, David’s A1C (average blood sugar level over a few months) was at 6.0 and he was diagnosed as prediabetic. Not wanting to go on medication, he decided to take DPATH instead. In April 2022, David’s A1C was down to 5.6 and he was no longer considered prediabetic.

When Rosemarie, 72, of Shelby Township was asked to write a testimonial for the DPATH program, she did not hesitate to share her wonderful impressions of the program. David agrees with her. In fact, David was the reason they took the class. It helped that it was virtual because David works full-time and they were able to watch it together at home in the evening. Both he and his mom agree that the classes were very motivational and helpful and that they had both starting reading food labels and increasing their daily fluid intake. “I’m the shopper and the cook so it was important for me to attend the classes with David,” states Rosemarie. “We’ve already reduced our carbs by eating less bread and pasta.”

Now that the weather has warmed, they are walking more. David, who was born with cerebral palsy, usually walks with two canes but is trying a seated walker to see if that works better to maintain his physical activity. This summer they plan to grow tomatoes and cucumbers in large pots on their deck like they did last year.

“We were very happy with the tools recommended in the PATH program: developing an action plan to set goals, rewarding yourself, using meditation and proper sleep to take care of emotional well-being, finding resources and communicating with healthcare professionals,” states Rosemarie.

Rosemarie has seen firsthand the long term effects of diabetes. A family friend with diabetes worsened and progressed to dialysis and eventual limb amputations. Finally, the person became so disabled that they chose to go into hospice care.

“This is a very valuable program,” concludes Rosemarie. “It can be applied to anyone with a chronic health condition, including aging well and maintaining an independent lifestyle.”

For more information on the PATH program for those with diabetes and their caregivers, go here.