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Making a healthy lifestyle change or learning your risk factors can go a long way in preventing or managing a disease. Join us for one of our healthy living programs.

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Distance Learning

The NKFM offers evidence-based and scientific advisory board approved programs from your home. 



Enhance Fitness is a physical activity program for adults that is designed to improve functional fitness and well being.

HBP Control

High blood pressure can cause kidney damage and raise your risk for heart disease, stroke, vision loss, and other health concerns. HBP Control is a workshop that teaches you skills and tools to take control of your high blood pressure.

Kidney Disease Support Group

Join us to share and discuss the issues, challenges, and triumphs faced by others like you.

Kidney PATH

Kidney Personal Action Toward Health (Kidney-PATH) is an 8-week workshop for participants who are in various stages of Chronic Kidney Disease.


PATH helps people better manage their long-term health conditions by learning strategies to deal with pain, fatigue, difficult emotions, and more.