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ANN ARBOR, MICH. – The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NFKM) was recently awarded a one-year grant from the DMC Foundation. The grant will provide $38,610 to expand the PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) Cancer: Thriving and Surviving (CTS) program in underserved areas in Southeast Michigan.

The NKFM is seen as one of the go-to organizations for delivery of evidence-based programs (EBPs) in Michigan. The NKFM is committed to helping people prevent and manage diabetes, and since diabetes and cancer are diseases that often occur in the same individual, CTS is an important addition to programs the NKFM offers. Having diabetes or signs of insulin resistance may lead to an increased risk of certain cancers, including kidney, pancreatic and colorectal.

Cancer: Thriving and Surviving is a six-week self-management program developed and tested by Stanford University that is geared towards those who are cancer survivors and their caregivers. CTS focuses on how to manage cancer treatment, changing relationships after their diagnosis, prioritizing activities, communication with their support system about advance directives, and asking for help when they need it.

The care and well-being of cancer survivors presents an enormous challenge to public health. Cancer survivors can experience long-term effects including depression, body image changes, changes in social roles and emotional well-being and functional issues that impact quality of life.  Data also shows that relatively few cancer survivors meet established recommendations for physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption, or weight management, pointing to the importance of the sustainability of self-management support in this high risk population and their caregivers.

The purpose of expanding CTS is to increase participation in evidence-based programs among adults over 18 living in underserved areas who are directly impacted by cancer (currently have cancer, cancer survivor, or their caregiver/family member). CTS workshops will be held in Wayne County, with a focus on Detroit and Inkster, and in Oakland County, with a focus on Southfield and Farmington Hills.

The DMC Foundation is dedicated to promoting the welfare of the general public in the metropolitan Detroit area through the support of health-related research, education and activities that benefit the community. The DMC Foundation is a supporting organization of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

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