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ANN ARBOR, MICH. – Andy Boschma, CPA, has been named to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM) volunteer board of directors. Mr. Boschma served with distinction on the NKFM board from 2005 to 2018. Due to term limits, he rotated off in 2018. On June 19, in light of his continuing commitment to NKFM and his impressive skillset, he was nominated and elected to serve as a director and treasurer of the NKFM board for a second time. He replaces term-limited treasurer Andrew Hopper. Other term-limited board members who have left are Lomas Brown, Josh Bryant, and Duane McLean.

Boschma’s first exposure to kidney disease was in 1997, when he donated a kidney to a bowling acquaintance who had been on dialysis for three years while waiting for a transplant. This selfless act started Boschma on a path to greater awareness of kidney disease, and to his continued involvement with the NKFM.

While on the NKFM Board, Boschma served four years as treasurer and then became vice chair in 2010. In 2012, he was elected chair. NKFM chairs generally serve for two years. However, the Foundation had an unexpected vacancy in leadership and he was asked to serve an additional two-year term. This typifies Boschma’s dedication to and caring for the NKFM as he took on this critical board leadership position for an unprecedented four years.

Also, about 19 years ago, Boschma began volunteering with NKFM for the Kidney Golf Classic, held each year at Barton Hills Country Club, and becoming a key champion of the event. In addition to Boschma’s excellent leadership, his stellar fundraising skills have garnered several large contributions to the Foundation.

Currently, Boschma is the Chief Financial Officer for MKM Ventures in Plymouth. Prior positions include Tax Director for Domino’s and CFO for Weight Watchers of Western Michigan. He was born in Detroit and grew up in Royal Oak. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business and a master’s degree in Accounting, both from the University of Michigan. He lives with his family in Brighton.

“We never let Mr. Boschma get very far away. His history with the Foundation, his connections, and his wealth of experience is of great value to all his colleagues on the Board,” said NKFM President and CEO, Linda Smith-Wheelock. “Plus, he has been intimately involved with a facet of our mission that not everyone shares — his kidney donation.”

Andy Boschma