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Inkster Partnership for a Healthier Community (IPHC) partners created a mission statement: “to improve and develop safe, healthy, and educated neighborhoods through community action and resources”, and their hope for the future is reflected in their vision statement: Inkster - Healthy, Equal, And Living (I-HEAL). Click here to view the List of Inkster Programs to see all the NKFM programs offered in Inkster.

Find out more about participating in the African American Women's Health Initiative. If you live in Inkster or Flint, are an African American woman, are at least 18, and either have diabetes or is at risk, you can receive gift cards for participating. Please click here for the List of Inkster Programs offered by the NKFM and its partners in Inkster as part of this initiative.

Get Involved:

IPHC Meetings:
The Inkster Partnership for a Healthier Community coalition meets every other month on Tuesdays. Meetings start with a networking lunch at 11:30am and the meeting starts at 12 noon. The location changes throughout the city. If you're interested in joining us, please email or

Feeding Inkster Workgroup:
The goal of the Feeding Inkster Workgroup is to provide education and awareness to residents about healthy food choices including providing affordable, accessible, and nutritous food choices. The Feeding Inkster Workgroup meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church, 29066 Eton, Westland, MI at 10am. Meetings are open to the community to anyone interested in networking to develop creative ways to engage the community in healthy eating and providing these healthy options to the community in different forms. 

Inkster Task Force:
The IPHC is a supporting member of the Inkster Task Force and participates on the Health Committee. The ITF is a community action group organized under a directorship format that encourages participation by individuals that are interested in the purpose and mission of the Inkster Task Force.  The Inkster Task Force fosters effective communication and collaboration across public, private, and nonprofit sector partners for the benefit of the City of Inkster. The Task Force envisions a strong, healthy and safe community of opportunity where multiple generations live, learn, and work. ITF meetings are held every 4th Thursday at the Burger-Baylor School, 28865 Carysle, Inkster, MI at 12 noon. (Administration Side)

CHW MonthResources:

View a map of Diabetes Resources in Inkster

Current Community Health Programs (Updated March, 2014)

Inkster Partnership for a Healthier Commmunity Facebook page

IPHC Community Garden Locations

Feeding Inkster Resources

National Diabetes Education Program

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Office on Women's Health

Inkster Garden Locations 

Feeding Inkster Resources 

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